Tax Registration & ITF263 (Tax Clearance)

Taxation registration is done within 30 days after your PBC or Pvt Ltd has been incorporated in Zimbabwe. Please note that failure to register with Zimra (Tax Authorities) is an offence which attract penalties and interest. After submission of registration documents, a client is issued with the BANK TAX CLEARANCE which is one of the corporate bank opening requirements in Zimbabwe.

Filing of taxation returns

We calculate your taxes due to the tax authorities and submit the required returns as they fall due, annual returns and also quarterly and annual income tax returns on your behalf. Please note that filing of taxation returns requires experts, it is fundamental to engage tax consultant to advise you on tax planning.

Negotiating garnishee orders removal and payment plans

Our team of taxation experts will help your business when you fail to remit your taxes on time or when interest and penalties are charged on your account. Please note that placement of a garnishee order on your bank account is the last resort taken by tax authorities to make a client compliant.

Requirements for tax registration for a company (Pvt Ltd or PBC)

  • Certified copies of CR14, CR6, Memorandum and Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Proof of residence of directors appearing on the CR14
  • Directors’ email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Current bank statement of the company.

  • Current personal bank statement of public officer (who can be one of the directors)
  • Up to date tax payments for already trading companies.
  • Directors’ , shareholders’ and Public Officer’s email addresses and phone numbers.